Jon Chambers

Intranet Time

HTML, JavaScript, CSS, animated GIFs, digital images, Firefox 3.5, Internet Explorer 4.5, Mac Mini, PowerBook G3 Wallstreet Series, local web server, router, wall clock, table


Dimensions variable

Intranet Time is a meditation on different concepts of time. It is a self contained network using two computers from different time periods (2005 and 1999), while elements on their screens change according to their internal clock. The computer uses this clock with JavaScript to reference natural time with the looping sky GIFs, a blooming flower that is synched up to 1 frame every second, and a minimal square changing blue hues with the hour. The viewer's presence is grounded in physical time with the wall clock. While viewing the piece, time becomes confused and abstracted, much like our relationships to technological objects and internet browsing.

You can view part of it here as a live website.