Jon Chambers


Hi! My name is Jon and I'm based in New Orleans where I teach interactive media and games in the Digital Media Practices department at Tulane University. Previously I've taught at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, University of Illinois at Chicago and The University of Chicago. I have shown work nationally and internationally, in screening venues, galleries and online. My full CV can be found here.

My work explores the often contradictory and uncanny ways in which networked technology affects our lives, while speculating on spaces where we as users can imagine alternative realities to larger corporatized data feedback loops. 3D representations of the body in various states of resolution are often featured in projects to highlight a fractured sense of self as we traverse between physical and virtual worlds.

Themes include: immediacy, intimacy, consumerism, AI, surveillance, play, climate change and future histories

Please feel free to contact me: jon's email and links to my various social media accounts can be found above.