Jon Chambers

g2v network

p5.js, A-frame, ML, Audio, 3D scans and models, WebXR, solar panels, rechargeable battery, web server


Dimensions variable

The g2v network is a solar powered web server that I have set up in my apartment. A big theme of this project is limited accessibility, as the site will go down every once in a while when the batteries run out of a charge. This limited accessibility considers technological mindfulness and how these digital spaces we all interact with can coexist with the corporeal and natural spaces that our bodies need to survive in.

The g2v network is also about personal, intimate and sustainable internet infrastructure and how to create personal DIY server space divorced from a company. This network will take on different iterations, but as of now there is a short WebXR game that's a sort of a speculative sci-fi scenario featuring a fictional company (the g2v network) that thematically touches on the interactions between machine learning, climate change, networks and the body. The text was generated using a model I trained on a bunch of terms of service contracts I've collected. After reading over and accepting the absurd generated terms, you are transported to a desolate VR scene that will work on a desktop computer or VR headset (not mobile yet). This project isn't finished and will be constantly evolving over time.

The g2v network will also be used as a digital art gallery and experimental project space. More on that hopefully soon ^_^

Documentation also coming soon...