Jon Chambers

g2v network

p5.js, A-frame, ML, Audio, 3D scans and models, WebXR, solar panels, rechargeable battery, web server

2021 - Ongoing

Dimensions variable

The g2v network is a solar powered web server that I have set up in my apartment. Limited accessibility is built into this network, as the site will go down every once in a while when the batteries run out of a charge. The g2v network is about personal, intimate and sustainable internet infrastructure and considers a way in which to create a personal DIY server space you own, separate from a company. This network will take on different iterations, but as of now there is a short WebXR game that's a speculative scenario featuring a fictional company (the g2v network) that thematically touches on the interactions between machine learning, climate change, virtual reality, networks and the body. The text was generated using a model I trained on a bunch of terms of service contracts I've collected.

The g2v network works best on a desktop computer or VR headset (not mobile yet), and will be constantly evolving over time.

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