Jon Chambers

Touch Analysis

Website hosted on a local area network, p5.js


Dimensions variable

Touch Analysis was part of my residency capstone and solo show The Practical Applications of Networks to the Body at the International Museum of Surgical Science.

For a more in depth description about the references/inspiration/research surrounding the work in the show and my residency, see the blog post I wrote for the museum here :)

Visitors can contribute data to the network set up in the show by connecting to a local area network with their device and interact with the website Touch Analysis that analyzes simple and mundane touch interactions that they produce. These touch interactions are recorded in a database on the local server that's part of the piece Server_001: The interface and network that I've set up in the show reveals the data that is collected from you in a congratulatory and affirmational language after you've interacted with the website. You become well aware that this system is collecting data. It's no big deal. It's not considered labor at all because it's provided "voluntarily". But this data collected feeds into the local network just as these types of collection techniques run other larger networked systems. This recorded visitor data is fed into the second screen, and second part of Surface Analysis, on the NeuroTouch station. In the gallery, the website is represented as wall text displaying the wifi signal to connect to and the web address (ip address) to visit in your browser.

You can visit Touch Analysis here.