Jon Chambers


Local area network, Raspberry Pi, wifi router, software


Dimensions variable

Server_001: was part of my residency capstone and solo show The Practical Applications of Networks to the Body at the International Museum of Surgical Science.

For a more in depth description about the references/inspiration/research surrounding the work in the show and my residency, see the blog post I wrote for the museum here :)

Visitor touch interactions from the piece Touch Analysis are recorded in a database on the local server that's part of this piece. This data collected feeds into the local area network (LAN) just as these types of collection techniques run other larger networked systems. This recorded visitor data is fed into the second screen, and second part of Surface Analysis, on the NeuroTouch station. In addition to these data driven feedback loops within the show, I wanted to visualize the network as a physical infrastructure that we are often disconnected from and which is often mythologized. What does the Internet look like? Not a cloud, for sure. In small scale, it looks like this LAN set up in the show. This little computer (raspberry pi) is configured as a web server and is hosting the website from the piece Touch Analysis that you can connect to from your phone via the wifi modem (which is also connected to the web server), and then will send the touch data through the ethernet cable strewn across the floor to the NeuroTouch computer.