Jon Chambers

Private Rooms

JavaScript, user metadata, 3D scan (obj)


Dimensions variable

The Private Rooms series consists of 3D scans of personal spaces which are presented as navigable 3D environments on the internet, where you can switch to webVR mode on your supported device. When you visit the site, you are also greeted with some of your browser metadata such as your IP address and location coordinates. This series reverses and confuses this surveillance space by allowing you into a virtual facsimile of one of my private and intimate spaces, while at the same time surveilling you by presenting your valuable metadata that is harvested by most websites you visit. This metadata is used by companies to refine and curate your experience of the web, and I use it in a tongue in cheek greeting: you are represented as numbers and data in the networked world in order to monetize your activity.

Visit to view. Works best on the Google Chrome browser.