Jon Chambers

Face v2

Webcam, Facial recognition software, JavaScript, Electronics, 3D Print


Dimensions variable

When installed, Face v2 broadcasts a 3D print of a 3D scan of my face as a live video stream to a website to be analyzed by facial recognition software. In the gallery a raw cybernetic looking device captures the sculpture, revealing the mechanical infrastructure behind the scene depicted on the site. Along with the video feed, the website features static images of the same scan being subjected to the software, resulting in an abstracted and layered image. The work spotlights the tensions between representations of both the physical and surveilled virtual body. Is the algorithm analyzing me? Does this 3D print represent my identity as good as a my IRL self? These states of un-resolution are infused with anxiety, leading us to question our relationships with sensations of pleasure from virtual artificiality. Face v2 is not currently streaming, but you can still view the website at